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    I want to personalize the style of each headings (h1 to h6)

    I try to change/add css in child style.css … or in global custom CCS … don’t works

    The only place where I get what I want is to insert code directly in the post or page (not useful for headings !) or if I insert HTML code in the Weaver Xtreme admin > Advanced options > The site Head Sections > insert HTML code

    • What is the best place to insert CSS … and what is the order of all the CSS files or data

    Merci pour votre réponse


    Weaver Xtreme 6.3.0 and Xtreme Plus 6.2 – Theme support 6.3.1

    WordPress 6.3.1


    The custom CSS goes in the Theme Global Custom CSS rule box.

    If you have a problem, tell us what rule you put in, then leave the rule in and give us a link to the page where it is supposed to affect the text, telling us what text that is.

    If you already have custom CSS in that box, make sure there are no syntax errors as that could break the CSS file explaining why your rule is not working.


    One of the main design goals of Weaver Xtreme is to avoid the need to create child themes, or touch any .css files.

    Almost anything you can need to do with customizing design elements can be handled for the site as a whole using theme options such as the Theme Global Custom CSS option. {Customize  -> Custom CSS -> Global Custom CSS for full site, or one of the specific sub-areas if you want to change headers only for pages/posts or a sidebar, for example.}

    You might want to re-consider even using a child theme unless you have a need for totally custom behavior requiring PHP or Javascript code.

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    Can you be specific about what text are h3 in the page you gave us, as I cant find any….

    That said, it is possible the h3 are styled by other attributes like post title or other that override your rule.

    In that case you can force you rule by using !important

    h3 {color:blue;}
    .titreh3 { color: green !important; }



    YESSS !important works in custom CSS !! … Many thanks

    Do you think that I can find somewhere the order of all the CSS data loading ?

    In the oldest version of xtreme I think it was :

    1 Sub Theme CSS

    2 Individual settings in Xtreme admin

    3 Global Custom CSS

    4 Child theme CSS

    5 Page or post CSS


    A more precise solution than important is to inspect the element to see what selector is applying the default seting and use that same selector with the new value.

    can confirm the order of the CSS loading, but it looks fairly right to me

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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