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    Are there any ways to alter the header widget height? Thanks.



    We need a link to your site to make sure we understand.

    You normally never set the height of a container, so that it remains responsive.

    Typically, when the browser gets smaller, the content need to flow into an increase high container. Fixing the height would kill the responsiveness of the site.

    Give us a link and describe what you are trying to accomplish so we can figure a responsive solution.



    Thanks for responding. Site has an under construction status right now. I want the header narrower, so I created the graphic in coreldraw at 1100 x 100. I made a white rectangle at 1100×100, then sized down my logo to fit and grouped it. Uploaded and used as header graphic, which of course was successfully responded to size-wise in the regular header area. However, the size-reduced logo shows blurry. I solved that by uploading the largest size logo, then reducing it in the Weaver Xtreme media library, and then set it in the header widget. The resolution is now good, but the width is still more than I want. If you have any suggestions here I am grateful. Thank you again!



    never mind, I found the problem. I had too much margin in individual widgets for another widget. I do appreciate all your help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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