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    I am trying to change the florescent green for the selected menu item, the background purple hover color, and the white font color for the horizontal header submenu. Can’t figure it out. Can anyone help?


    We need a link to your site to be sure of what you mean…

    Current menu item color is in Customizing ▸ Colors > Menus > Colors for all menus > Menu current text and BG color options.

    The menu items hover color is also in that option page for each menu (primary / secondary / extra) as well as the divider line of the Sub menu.

    Not sure what you mean by “horizontal header submenu”

    Again a site link with more details will help.

    We can then provide you with custom CSS to style any item that would not have its own option




    I got notification of a new post but there is nothing there.

    Usually this means the forum is acting up and putting stuff away because of links or so.

    If you did answer with a link, post back, and put the link at sitenameDOTcom so it does not see it as a link, and hopefully that will prevent the problem of your post disapearing…




    hidden so: username: ocgs  pw: ocgs1Genealogy

    I mean:

    The green for the selected page on the top menu
    The white lettering in submenu below Library and free data
    The purple for the over color in the top menu

    Thank you.


    All these settings are where I told you they were. in Customizing ▸ Colors > Menus

    The green setting is Customizing ▸ Colors > Menus > Colors for all menus > Menu current text and BG color options.

    The white is Customizing ▸ Colors > Menus > Primary Sub Menu Text color

    The purple is Customizing ▸ Colors > Menus > Primary Menu Bar Hover BG color


    OK, it says it is a Plus feature. I guess I can’t change those awful colors. Thanks for the help.


    @grannypam NO it is NOT a plus feature, this is a basic Setting!!

    You can also find them in the legacy admin setting pages, in Xtreme Admin > Main Options > menus

    Pay attention, and try it.

    ANd as I said, if some styling is not available in options (the one above are), I can give you custom CSS to change them, so don’t give up that quickly 🙂



    Thank you for this. Unfortunately I cannot find them. My original request was for the selectors to create custom CSS, can you point me to those. And thank you very much.  The second page you pointed me to listed a plugin for legacy theme support, so I am trying that. But I would love to see a list of selectors so I could write the CSS.


    You do need the “Weaver Xtreme Theme Support” Plugin for the legacy Admin, and you should install it if you have not because it brings other important things too.

    I can give you CSS, but this would be sillyto double up on things that are available…

    Also, if you are not able to find these basic settings in the customizer, then you are missing on a lot of things, so I would think you would want to figure it out 🙂

    Let me try to detail it one more time with pictures, and let me know what you get to.

      • In the dashboard on the Left to open Appearance
      • In Appearance you click on Customize
      • Once the customizer is finished loading you click on Colors
      • Then you click on Menus
      • Then you are presented with all the menu color options. Below is a snapshot with the Hover color settings, as well as the sub menu color settings

    • If you scroll further down, you find the All menus settings when you have the Current page color setting


    If you get there, change the color and see what happens.

    If there is still a misunderstanding, try to explain what you are doing.

    If we still get nowhere, I will explain the CSS



    Also, When you Open the customizer, make sure you are using the FULL option mode.

    At the top of the customizer, Under Active Theme Weaver Xtreme, there should be a blue background line saying

    Weaver Interface Level: FULL

    If it does not say FULL, click on it and change it to FULL. Then you should see the option I reference and illustrate above

    You can also access the Interface level at Customizing ▸ General Options & Admin > Set Options Level


    Thank you again. I will look at the new info you gave me tomorrow. The previously given links were all grayed out, not available. I switched to another theme, but I will give Weaver another shot in the morning.  I will report back. BTW your screen shots are not visible

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    I don’t know what is going on with the images, and I am not using google but Microsoft One drive to host the….

    When I inserted them they were showing.

    Below are the links to the screen shots



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    First image: It shows the Main options > Content areas page.
    The menu options are in Main options > Menus page !

    Second image: Good to see you have the full customizer enabled.

    warrenweb.info/options is not valid

    Not sure why you show -warrenweb.info/optionsGrayOut.jpg it is still the wrong option page for content areas instead of menus

    -warrenweb.info/1.jpg : Shows the Extra menu section.
    Extra menus are indeed a Plus options, but above the Extra menu section you should have many other sections like Primary menu, secondary menu, etc.

    Are you saying that in Customize > Colors > Menu, The only thing you have is the Extra menu section.
    Because if so something is broken.

    When you go to Customize > Colors > menus, make sure you scroll up and down to see if you can see the Other setcioons like primary menu bar.

    if you really cannot, I suggest reinstalling the theme an plugin following the procedure below

    • Go to the Save restore page, SAVE the settings AND DOWNLOAD a copy for good measure.
    • Switch to a different theme.
    • Delete All Weaver Theme and plugins.
    • Install Weaver Xtreme from WordPress.org and activate
    • Install Weaver Xtreme Theme Support from Worpdress and activate.
    • Go to customize > Colors > Menus and see if you have all the sections there starting with Primary menu bar settings.

    OK, I really can’t. I will try your suggestion.

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