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    @scrambler I am not sure you are reading my posts. I am talking above about the per Page HTML insertion area. The slider shortcode is in the per Page xPlus tab:

    Header Image Replacement HTML (★Plus)

    Replace Header image with arbitrary HTML for this page only. Useful for slider shortcodes in place of image. FI as Header Image has priority over HTML replacement. This will work with [show_slider] or almost any other slider that supports a shortcode.

    Or are you actually saying the General Settings for HTML insertion override per Page settings?

    If that is true then what is the point of per Page settings?


    I just set a  FI in the page where the header image is not being replaced by the slider. The FI is replacing the header image, but the slider does not appear on top of the image, as on the front page. Then I unticked the “HTML only on front page”, removed the FI and the slider actually does appear on top of the header image. So the general setting overrides the per Page setting. May be for a programmer this makes sense, but not to an old Hardware engineer.

    Thanks for the help.




    I guess I am confused because the page’s FI replaces the general setting Header Image, but the per page HTML  shortcode in the page does not replace the general settings HTML. Doesnt make sense imo. Hiding the header image on this page and putting the slider in a widget positioned at the header image location took 10 minutes.

    I would suggest to change the behavior and show the per page HTML when the per page header image is hidden.



    The general option to only show the header image replacement on the front page indeed applies to all pages (by essence), and there is no per page option to override it.


Viewing 3 posts - 17 through 19 (of 19 total)

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