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    Hi! faced the problem of setting the post image, it is installed instead of the header image. How can I disable this?

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    Post and pages featured image settings can be found in two places

    1) Global settings:

    A) for posts (apply to all posts)are in:

    Main options > Settings > Post Specifics> Featured image section.

    or Customizing ▸ Images > Post Specific

    B) for pages (all pages) are in:

    Main options > Settings > Content Areas > Featured image section.

    or Customizing ▸ Images > Content

    2) Local settings:

    A) specific post, in the post editing page > Xtreme Option for this post > Post Blog Archive options TAB > Featured image drop down list

    B) specific page, in the Page editing page > Xtreme options for this page >Layout TAB > Featured Image > How to display featured image

    If you need more help, we need a link to the page where the featured image is replacing the header image so we can be sure of your specific situation


    Thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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