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    Recently we installed the HappyForms plug-in on our website.
    We use Weaver Xtreme.
    We ran into a problem caused by a conflict between the Weaver Xtreme them and the plug-in.
    This video explains how to fix the problem.




    This is an unusual problem, and I’m not sure exactly how their fix works. Has something to do with the WP Customizer. I don’t think this is anything I could change with the theme directly to avoid. Has something to do with the order things are done.

    But, you can add the fix directly using Weaver Xtreme options instead of the code snippet plugin.

    From the customizer, open Customizer -> HTML Injection -> Site <HEAD> Section.

    Fill in the <HEAD> Section content box with:

    fill in HappyForms code here

    Then in between the <script> … </script>, fill in the code provided by HappyForms.

    This will avoid need for an extra plugin. And if you save your subtheme settings, that code will remain for other sites if you reload the saved subtheme.

    I wish I had your skills at making a nice tutorial video with all the motion and highlighting. Very nice.


    Thank you Keymaster.

    It would have been great if I had been sent this information when I sent a cry for help to Support a few weeks ago. But there was no help given then. As a result I went to HappyForms to ask if they could help. I had the feir fix within a few hours of asking.

    As I mention in the video , I am not at all home with codes. Now that I see your solution, I see that it would have been possible for me to do the fix that way.




    This is strange, I normally always catch all new messages.

    Can you give us the link to your post so I can see why it slipped through the cracks…


    Maybe not so strange.

    I renewed my Weaver Xtreme subscription on the 5th of October.
    Some days later, I was planning on installing HappyForms.
    I ran into the problem then.

    I was not happy that, so close to having renewed my license to Weaver Xtreme, I was having troubles so around the 14th or 15th of October, I logged in to my Weaver account and went to the https://weavertheme.com/support/contact/ page.

    I did read that it was better to ask questions on the Forum, but I was upset that I had just renewed my subscription and I wanted to contact some support person directly.

    When submitting a request via the support/contact form, there is no receipt or acknowledgement email sent.
    I got no reply and probably it is not so strange that you did not see any sign of my request for help on the Forums.

    Thank you for your interest in finding out what went wrong in the pipeline. No need to pursue it further. I am happy with the final result.




    OK, that makes more sense as I only have access to the forum

    Make sur to post here in the future 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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