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    I cannot find the unordered list tool that used to be on the toolbar in the visual editor. It looks like a number of other tools also are no longer available. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

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    This is handled by WordPress and or plugins.

    these used to be in the MCE editor toolbar used by WordPress. Now WordPress using a completely new Block editor (originally called Gutenmberg), so depending on which Block you use, each may have different editing tools.

    Using the block editor, you compose the content in pieces using blocks of different type for different structure, like a Paragraph block, followed by a list block, followed by a text and image block etc…

    When you add a Block, you can for example choose a List Block and that will give you an unordered list.

    If you have the classic editor plugin, you also have a classic bloc that will give you all the tools you are used to in a single block.

    This editor is disconcerting at first, but if you make the effort to learn it, it will let you do more powerful stuff than before, without having to know HTML.

    You can also search the web for WordPress block editor tutorials

    There is a Plugin called Classic Editor that gives you the ability to use either of the old editor (classic) or the new one (blocks) and lets you switch back and forth for every page or post content.




    Thanks so much for bringing me up to speed on this. I was out of the loop for awhile and that is like going backward when everything else is moving forward. Appreciate your help!


    There is a plugin called Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced) that adds some features to the Classic Editor tool bar, and now adds some stuff to the Block Editor.

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