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    I was wondering if one can download the Gutenberg Editor plugin to test it with Weaver Xtreme? Is there any contraindication?






    I’ve been playing with Gutenberg, and have found no real technical issues. The Weaver Xtreme Theme Support Per Page / Per Post settings viaual styling is not quite correct – the tabs have the list decoration dots, and the who tabbed settings really be enclosed in a box. This is entirely a visual issue that is on the list to fix. But the settings work correctly.

    There area only 7,000 people with Gutenberg actually installed out of all people using it, so fixing some cosmetic issues is not critical.

    The Gutenberg developers have at one point said they want 100,000 users before seriously considering replacing the current tinyMCE, and it seems to me the WP community is expressing either disapproval or disinterest in the new editor.

    My opinion remains mixed. It is not totally intuitive to use – in the least. It seems to be trying to do some of the things the Page Builders are doing much better and much more simply (except for the very long time needed to load a page to edit in a Page Builder).

    But the Gutenberg interface seems very confusing to me so far – and anything such as an editor that requires a substantial learning curve (as it seems to do) may be destined to failure. But it might catch on. I need to play a bit more with just how it works as a simple editor without using all of its layout features.


    But I’ve not been able to detect any problems using in with Weaver Xtreme other than the purely cosmetic issues using Weaver Xtreme Theme Support per page/post option interface.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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