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    I found one post about my problem. It´s from May 2019:
    Gutenberg space between Blocks – Weaver Support Forum (weavertheme.com)

    I had for a longer time not been able to make Section Blocks getting stacked seemless on a page until I realized that it is theme related. Found it in Weaver customizer here:
    Spacing, Widths, Alignment –> Content –> Block Editor Element Margins containing values for:

    Margins Before Blocks (em) and Margins After Blocks (em)

    Then changing them from the default 1.2 and 1.5 em to zero – both – made it work fine.
    What is strange is that if I then write Custom CSS ind Weaver Admin –> Fonts & Custom it causes the margin values reset to default 1.2 em and 1.5 em no matter what kind of CSS I write or even not writing anything, just cliking the Update button!

    And furthermore, if I try to style these elements by this:
    #content [class^=wp-block-] {margin-bottom:2.5em;} Changing 2.5 to zero of course (as suggested by scambler in linked post from 2019) doesn´t change anything. Nor do any other attempts to style this exact element.

    I had hoped to find a value for the block Section made by Getwid Butenberg Blocks plugin to style this element and use only this everytime I want stacked sections without space because the default values in customizer affects all! block on a page which means that if I change values to zero I nedd to adjust all other blocks inside the Section with the Spacer Block



    Try your rules in the WP Custom CSS option – at the bottom of the CSS options in the Customizer.

    The WP version of Custom CSS emits the rules as the very last CSS rules.
    While Weaver’s own Custom CSS block is emitted very late, some plugins can come later.


    You need to give us a link to a page with specifics about where to look for the issue.

    I am suspecting you have bad CSS syntax that breaks the CSS files

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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