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    Bit confused

    Until a couple of days ago my site http://www.hi-goodlooking.info
     (using the weaver xtreme theme) was classified as mobile friendly by google.
    But noticed today my pages get the warning :
    Page appears not mobile-friendly
    Content wider than screen
    Links too close together

    Don’t think I have added any more plugins, so not sure what to do ?


    Please ignore, managed to sort it
    (deleted the xml sitemap plugin)


    Whatever it is, it is probably related to the content you placed in some pages.

    the theme is fully responsive, but nothing stops you from adding content in some areas that is not and will break responsiveness. For example if you use a fixed width on an object, it would break responsiveness. you should use max-width or width in %…

    I don’t see anything on your home page, so may be google gives you an indication about which page has content wider than screen. If  not, you need to inspect every page, shrink your browser and see if one has content that ends up cutoff when you do so.

    Once you found the page with the problematic content we can help figure out how to make it responsive


    Thanks Scrambler

    When I tested the site using the google mobile friendly test
    every page was not mobile friendly (with the content wider, etc.),

    But after deleting the xml plugin it now tells me every page I test is perfect.
    (great theme !!)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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