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    Hello – hope you’re well!

    Not sure if this is related to the awesome Weaver Xtreme theme, but I wanted to ask before I research further.

    I have a site at https://3000reviews.com

    I have set the homepage description to be “Honest reviews of internet marketing products.”

    This is exactly what appears in the source code of the homepage as well.

    Today, I searched on Google for site:3000reviews.com and the first result shows the homepage of the site.

    The indexed meta describtion says:

    “Honest reviews of internet marketing products · Honest Traffic Goliath Review – SEO WordPress Plugin · Honest Videlify Review – Traffic Generating Software.”

    It’s as if some of the post titles that appear on the homepage or in the sidebar are appended in the description and get indexed.

    Of course, I’m not asking you to troubleshoot what Google does. I was just wondering if you have seen this before.



    I don’t think anyone really knows how Google generates the search entry. My only comments is that the additional post titles are not included in any meta information on the generated page, but those extra titles are currently the posts listed on your home page. This is not likely a coincidence. Nothing theme related unless the Schema entries included by Weaver Xtreme  in the output HTML help trigger information Google gathers. That is the point of that feature, and there is an option to disable it if that might change the indexing Google generates.


    Thanks Bruce!

    I found some more info here:

    Google shows the wrong meta description for my site

    (I do use Yoast as well).

    I will start experimenting with longer meta descriptions. My current ones are on the shorter side.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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