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    Is there a way to insert the Google Icons  into the Theme, like how we upload a different google font?


    You certainly can use Weaver’s HTML injection to add the code supplied on the Google font site.

    They show a couple ways of adding the icon to your content as well. I’m not sure how the “code point” option works, but it is probably explained somewhere in the Google font documentation.

    It would also depend on how many icons you might want to use. I would think typically not many.

    I think I’d find which icons I needed, save them as PNGs and used them as images.

    But I don’t plan to integrate them into the theme. There don’t seem to be any plugins to support them specifically, either.




    Weaver’s advice is sound.

    Years ago I change my database character set to handle all the odd languages and fonts I received and was using, and it worked well and stopped the error messages.

    My WP-Admin browser now also handles and displays most of the Emoji etc. I need, but when I test them on various phone browsers, they just don’t display at all, or display as colorless outlined shapes.  So, not useable.  The caveat is: just because it works fine on your desktop pc, does not mean it works on all phone browsers.  🙂

    Weaver’s suggestion may seem tedious, but if you are only doing a few, it is not too much work to ensure 100% of your readers get to see the image correctly.

    FYI, I found the simplest and fastest APP to change image types  is the old and dated “MS Paint” and I use it for this type of conversion daily.

    Hope this helps.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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