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    I am trying to use “Header Widget Area” for my logo/site identity. (see screenshot). The graphic should be full width to replace current text “North Carolina Baroque Orchestra”. The original graphic is the correct size!

    I see on “Header Widget Area” page:

    Fix the Header Widget Area to top of page. Use the Expand/Extend BG Attributes on the “Full Width” tab to make a full width Header Widget Area.

    I did this, (see screenshot below) and the container expanded but not the image…why? (Screenshot #1) Am I missing a step somewhere?


    ps Can’t figure out how to upload screenshots. Can’t send url, as I’m on localhost. Will be going live as soon as we get the logo on the header!


    Are you really using Weaver II? It will not support full width header widget areas. You would need to switch to Weaver Xtreme.

    You can show screen shots by hosting them on other free image hosting sites and providing the image url. We do not host images for the forum.


    Without a URL, it will be hard to do anything.

    If you want help, you need to find a place online (like in the sub folder of a site you maintain) where you can create a test site that we can access.

    Assuming you are using Weaver Xtreme and not Weaver II, If you want an image to spread from edge to edge of the browser, the container (here it seems the header widget area) needs to be set to Expand. So in your case

    Main options > Full Width > Expand Area > Header Widget Area Expand.

    DO NOT check both “Expand area” option and “Extend BG attributes” as that can cause problems. Do read the article below on Full Width design if not already done.

    Full Width Designs

    Once the Area is Expanded (Not Extended), the image inside must be large enough to fill the width. To confirm the area is indeed expanded, give it a background color.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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