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    I have an issue with http://www.payroll-solution.com/ and after hours of playing with various css coding, I decided to throw myself on the mercy of Scrambler and Weaver. Yes, this redesign was built in Weaver II Pro – it’s replacing another Weaver II Pro design so maybe, per se, this isn’t a new site?

    Anyway, I cannot get the homepage container to go full-width at http://www.payroll-solution.com/ to accommodate the full width slider. It works fine when placed in the header code in the workup at http://payroll-solution.webhandprint.com/

    My solution at the workup site was to insert {[rev_slider alias=”clean-news-post-based3″]} at Main Options | Header | Header BG | css box. So with the full width header in place, voila, the slider was properly max width. But, for whatever reason, this isn’t working now on the “live” site as you can see. So my workaround was to place the slider shortcode in the page body but it’s encumbered by the site width setting of 1100 which is perfect for the other pages of the site but, sadly, not the homepage.

    Thanks for any help rendered.


    I am just checking in and can’t do any sort of deeper follow-up, but:

    You can’t use shortcodes in CSS. So {[rev_slider alias=”clean-news-post-based3″]} will not do anything.

    On Weaver II, the only way I remember to get a full width site is to make the site width very wide. There might be a per-page setting to set the width on a per-page basis, but I really don’t remember that much about the Weaver II details any more.


    Thanks for responding Weaver and your help over the years.

    I sorted this finally by inserting

    [rev_slider alias=”clean-news-post-based3″]

    in the Pre Main code area at Advanced Options| HTML Insertion.

    I’m really not sure how to handle conversion to X yet. I must have 40 or 50 sites out there with the Weaver II Pro build. I just finished my first site in X (a startup). To me, the interface was not that intuitive – or maybe I just need to adapt? And from what I’ve read here on the Weaver site, the upgrade to X from II Pro isn’t as easy as when we went from 2.0 to Weaver II. Any thoughts?


    “To me, the interface was not that intuitive – or maybe I just need to adapt?”

    If you use the Xtreme Legacy admin in Appearance > Weaver Xtreme Admin, there is really no difference between the two interfaces. If anything Xtreme has cleaned up some inconsistency of WII.  But sure it always takes a little bit or getting use to when you switch to something new. I can assure you it is for the better in the long run 🙂

    And to do full width design, there is no question as what theme to use. Do make sure to read the Full Width design Guide tutorial for Xtreme to fully understand all the feature.

    Full Width Designs

    As far as Converting WII to Xtreme, if you follow the conversion Guide article below, It should really be fairly simple. Of course it always depends how much advanced customization you had on the site, as these can require to rethink the way it was done to take advantage of the new features in Xtreme.

    Start by converting the least customized sites, and tackle the more customized ones once you get the hang of the process.

    Converting a Weaver II (Pro) or Aspen site to Weaver Xtreme

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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