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    After searching a long time for an answer and trying a lot of things – here is my problem:

    I want to have the title on the full post bigger than on the side with the excerpt.
    I have tried (amongst other things):
    .page-template-paget-posts-php .entry-title {font-size:150%;}

    Nothing changed. What do I overlook?

    if you mean you want the title to be bigger on the single post page, the rule needs to be

    .single-post .entry-title {font-size:150%;}

    There is no class called page-template-paget-posts-php

    To find the page specific classes, inspect your page with your browser developer tools, and look at the body tag. there you will see the classes that are present on a single post page

    class=”single single-post postid-579 single-format-standard singular not-logged-in weaverx-theme-body weaverx-page-single weaverx-sb-one-column has-posts is-desktop is-windows”



    Acutally, there is a class .page-template-paget-posts-php on <body> on pages generated by the Page with Posts template. It is a very specialized class that follows WP standards for page template classes on  body. It is not a good choice for styling. And it is ONLY on the Page with Posts page – NOT the single view.


    Thanks a lot!


    I stand corrected then 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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