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    I have setup weaver xtreme with a grey background but where a page is not big enough to fill the browser height I get a white box at the bottom which will not go away even after ticking “Full Browser Height” in “Customise”,”Wrapping Areas”.”Site Settings(<body>)”

    Can anyone suggest how to cure this please?


    Do you have a site URL you can share?



    still being setup with WooCommerce but you can see the white box here;



    Home page is now longer so doesn’t show there anymore.


    You have set the Content area to your bg color. If you set the Container color to the desired color, everything will have that bg color.

    Or, you can set the entire site (body or wrapper) to the desired bg color, and have all the other areas set to inherit for the bgcolor. Then use alternative colors for header, footer, and/or sidebars to a different color.

    You should not need the full height option, which is more often used just for extending the sidebar colors.


    Thanks for the guidance that worked for the white boxes, but having previously changed colours in weaver admin I now have text  on the shop “update cart” button invisible due to being the same as the button background colour and there could be other colours like that. Is there a way to put every thing (colours) back to default with detail on how to do it.


    Here is what I see:

    The color of the text “update basket” only becomes barely visible when the button is in the Disabled status(red slashed circle icon on hover), that is set by WooCommerce and I suspect normal as a reflection of the button being disabled.

    When the button is not in the disabled status (hand icon on hover), the text is dark grey and visible


    Yes I realise that after making a change to the shop basket, so thats not an issue now. Thanks for your help.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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