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    Posting Guidelines

    • First, check the Weaver Guide: http://guide.weavertheme.com . Seriously – do this!
    • Try using the Search at the top left. The results are from Google, and can be quite helpful.
    • Post to the appropriate Forum Category. Posts in the wrong category may be moved.
    • Specify which Weaver Version you are using!
    • Good answers require concise questions with specific details. 
    • It is VERY difficult to provide help without a link to your site. Please provide a link if at all possible!
    • Please “Accept” when you get a good answer.
    • Don’t double post – ask your question in one thread only.
    • Don’t hijack topics – keep to original question and don’t ask new questions. Don’t add new comments to “Solved” discussions. Please start a new discussion for new questions.
    • Topics that are not really Weaver Theme related may be moved to the “Not Theme Related” discussion group, and may not receive the attention theme related questions get. If your question gets moved there, it means that you are likely to find better answers elsewhere, such as the WordPress.org support forum. Only Moderators can start “Not Theme Related” discussions or move your original post there.
    • No advertising of any kind is allowed on posts or personal profiles. (The site owner may display advertising, obviously.)
    • Management reserves the right to edit or delete any discussion topic.

    Vanilla Forum Help

    • You must register to be able to post. Anyone can register.
    • You can click on your user name in the top menu bar to open the user settings page.
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