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    Hallo, I am editing 4 columns of the FOOT WIDGET.

    I cannot put 2 or 3 images on the same column, because there is an automatic space arrangement, and it accept only 1 image or 1 text widget per column.

    Is there a possibility to divide the FOOT WIDGET in as many WIDGET as the number of columns?




    You need to be more precise here and provide a link to the site.

    If you set the footer widget area to 4 columns in Main Options > Footer > Footer widget area > Columns, then go to appearance > Widgets , and drop 4 widgets in the footer widget area, each widget will be one column. If you drop 8 widgets in there, you will have 2 rows of 4 columns etc…

    If you want several images inside One column/widget, you can do that using a custom HTML widget and drop whatever you like there, or you can create several rows of fours columns.

    If you have the Plus plugin, there is also a flex column widget that can allow more complicated layout.

    Ultimately, you need to describe the layout you are after in more details, so we can help determine the best way to implement it


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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