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    I love the Weaver Flex Columns feature. I have a site where I am adding a few Flex Col widgets. But when I go back to look at the widgets I can’t remember on what page/post I placed them. There is now a title field, but I don’t want that text to show up on the page. Any way to add an “internal” memo to myself to remind me where I put the widget? TX!


    Did you use the [show_widget] shortcode, or a as a per-page/post widget? There are plugins that let you search the content, and you could search for the shortcode.

    One tool I have not made is a way to report on all the per page/post settings. That has crossed my mind as an aid to cleaning out or at least cataloging those options. They do remain an issue with anyone who might want to change themes (why would anyone do that??¬†). But I’ll bump that up a bit in my priority list.


    I used the [show_widget] short code. And using a search plugin or Jetpack’s Omnisearch is a great idea (wish I had thought about that).

    A tool for all per page/post settings would be helpful. I often¬†want to set a page up similar to one in another site I built, and cannot remember what site it was. I clearly have the memory of a gold fish — 3 seconds….

    Lastly, you are correct!!! Who would want to change themes?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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