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    I have featured images in all my posts. I marked posts as excerpts and displaying them through a “Page with Posts” and using Weaver Slider Carousel.

    Functionally everything is working fine.

    My question on Featured Image display

    1. The featured image is showing only as 150 x 150. Question – is FI always automatically cropped to 150 x 150. If I want to display a bigger FI in the Page with Post, how do I do.
    2. Also the FI is blurred. Question – How do I avoid this blur
    3. When I click on the excerpt, as normal, it takes me to the post. Here too, the FI is blurred.  Question – How do I avoid this blur
    4. On the post Page, if I click on the image , it opens up the full image. Here the image is perfect (actual size and no blur).
    5. My final question is – is there some standard size for all images for FI that look good at all places – good on excerpt, good on the post and good on the final click

    Thanks for your help.

    I am doing my work on localhost. So unable to post link to the site…

    EDIT – I made changes in Post Specifics…(<small>FI Size – Full Posts</small>: Full) (<small>FI Size – Excerpts</small>: Large):  and my problem got resolved…everything looks good. Need answer to a last question – would I be able to make a featured image as a backgrouund image in my excerpt Page with Post


    As you found out:

    1- The size of the featured image is determined in Main Options > Post Specifics > Featured Image. You have a setting for each display situation.

    2- If your featured image is set to thumbnail size and is forced into a bigger size it would be blurr. If after you change the featured image size as explained above you still have the issue, we would need a link to the page with specific of where to look to investigate.

    3 same as above

    4- Normal as that would go to the WP attachment page that shows the full version

    Regarding your new question, please provide a link to your page and explain what area exactly should the image cover.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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