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    How do I add a feature image – header banner – to my website pages, especially the home page?  I tried using the customization panel and it didn’t work.


    If you want an image in the header of all pages, this is done by what WordPress calls the Header image.

    Go to the customizer > Header image sections, there you will have the option to select a header image, and also options on how to display it.


    Thank you for replying.  I finally understand how to use the customize panel.

    “The trend to use a traditional Header block in WordPress sites is no longer mainstream design. Instead, current design is to use a menu bar with a logo and site name followed by the site’s main menu. Check this option to hide all header elements except for the Primary and Secondary Menus.”

    The menu bar option was checked and  I like it better than a header image. I see how the selected items are automatically applied in the preview area. It was like a lightning bolt. Now I can go to work.

    Thank you again. I will no doubt be asking more questions.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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