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    hello – at  http://demo.weavertheme.com/  i see some “advanced” themes.   is there any source for templates [or sub-themes] for these?

    in other words, is there any turnkey add-ons for these more sophisticated sub-themes?  ideally i would be able to just install a really slick ready-2-go sub-theme from my new extreme+ package.
    If you mean the site example slideshow, these are the result of web designers work using weaver themes. They are their own creation and property.
    Weaver Xtreme provides a highly customizable environment that lets you create any design you want. It comes with a number of subtheme that include some level of pre customization.
    But ultimately it is up to you to create your own design using the theme. The theme is a powerful tool. Making a beautiful deign with it does require the talent of a designer 🙂
    If you find a design you like, you can be sure there is probably a way to do it with Xreme. It will require some work on your part, and we can help figure out the best way to accomplish it.
    @Weaver is open to helping resale packages of add-ons premium subthemes (http://xtreme.weavertheme.com/add-on-subthemes/ ), But no designer has volunteered any so far 🙂


    >>> But ultimately it is up to you to create your own design using the theme.
    yes i understand.  i was hoping there was some packaged “premium” type of weaver sub-theme already available, with sliding elements and other bells and whistles.
    >>>  But no designer has volunteered any so far 
    is it because they are almost as lazy as i am ?

    Most designers want to keep their design for themselves (it is their bread an butter), they would probably not make enough money selling the templates.


    >>>  is it because they are almost as lazy as i am ?


    I would guess the reason is that professional or serious website developers put a lot of thought, effort, creativity, and time into creating their website appearance, and they don’t want a bunch of other websites looking exactly like theirs.
    I certainly understand the reluctance to learn custom coding, spending weeks of trial-and-error, and learning complex software interactions from scratch just to make a small website, especially if it’s not something you’re being paid to do.

    What I suggest is selecting a theme that’s highly customizable (like WeaverX), selecting the sub-theme that’s closest to your ‘vision’, and further customizing the site with use of the WeaverX options and plug-ins.  Those featured websites, although the underlying theme of every one may be WeaverX, could not appear so interesting and unique without generous use of plug-ins and/or custom code.  Some plug-ins are so advanced and customizable as to be nearly themes themselves.

    If there’s a certain website feature or style that you’d like to replicate, these forums are a good place to ask.

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