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    The Featured Image is a built-in WordPress capability that  can (optionally) be supported by themes, or plugins. Weaver Xtreme does in fact have built-in options to specify using alternate sized Featured Images for displaying as blog excerpts, full posts, and single view displays of posts. Weaver Show Posts will use Weaver Xtreme post features, but for the generic version that supports any theme, it is hard coded to use the thumbnail size. I don’t intend to modify the plugin to add the option as found in Weaver Xtreme.

    And WordPress core provides a standard, fixed method for themes and plugins to support Featured Images. But there is no alternative built-in to support alternate images. (But it does support using different sizes of a given image – as Weaver Xtreme theme uses.) There might be what is called a WordPress filter that would allow a theme or plugin to use an alternate Featured Image source, but I just have never seen a need for such and option, and so have never investigated if such a filter exists. But using such a filter would require significant PHP custom coding.

    You might want to check out this plugin – I’ve never tested or used it, but it descriptions sounds like it might meet some of your needs:

    Featured Image from URL (FIFU)


    The different sizes of an image in the media library are all of the same image, perhaps cropped depending on the settings.

    Weaver Show Posts is a long stable plugin. I have no plans to change it or add any new features unless needed for WordPress version compatibility.

    The concept of having different images (as opposed to different size images) for the Featured Image is an illogical idea. The whole concept of a Featured Image is to have a single, specific image known as the Featured Image. How that single image is actually used by a theme or plugin can vary – mostly by display location or size – but logically it must the be the same image – THE Featured Image.


    @weaver, he is not wanting to used a different image but a different size like Xtreme allows in the posts settings.

    You know how to select a different size version of the featured image for posts, so may be you could tell if there are PHP changes that could be made in a child theme that would allow show posts to select the medium or large version of the featured image?




    many thanks for your efforts!
    Yesterday evening I found a plugin which has adjustable image sizes by default.

    WP Show Posts

    So I think I will test this a little bit more and perhaps then replace WeaverShowPost step by step.

    Nevertheless, thank you very much for the support and all your help in this case, but I think the other plugins better fits to my needs đŸ™‚

    Thanks and kind regards


    Good find

Viewing 5 posts - 17 through 21 (of 21 total)
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