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    I want offer email addresses in my area to people who might want to have an email address like: [email protected]_hometown.com Can anyone recommend a way to allow prospective customers to check the availability of their choice of addresses similar to the way that google does when you want a gmail address? I have looked into using someone like rackspace or google but their minimum billing causes you to loose money until you reach over 75 customers.


    I would suspect it will require developing custom PHP code which is of course not easy nor cheap. Sometimes you get what you pay for.


    Will be looking to do the same this winter, will then search for more solutions.  For now I see this: ‘cPanel E-Mail Manager’ https://wordpress.org/plugins/cpanel-e-mail-manager/ …  ‘manage e-mail accounts and mailing lists hosted on cPanel from the WordPress interface…. create and manage e-mail accounts not linked to current WordPress users’.   Obviously — test.  Possibly not automated in the way you wish. But might be workable for initial growth?  I am with an inexpensive basic shared host that allows unlimited cPanel email accounts (although expect would eventually run into slowdowns).  Thinking that once proven, should the need arise, I can migrate to the more expensive in-house dedicated server.  All else being equal, staying in-house would minimize disruptions. 

    Please share back if you find an email creation solution that would fit a small unincorporated community.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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