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    On a new computer and new website and experiencing Editor issues again, this time all of the Pages > Edit

    Well, I cannot show you in full because it keeps saying too many characters too long…..so not sure what to do next if the tiny amount below does not illustrate the problem. I have changed browsers and rebooted, nothing allows me to see a page in the editor.

    Skip to main content

    Edit Page Add New


    There have  been no other reports of issues with the Editor and Weaver.

    What if you switch to a different theme – such as twenty fourteen?

    Have you disabled all you plugins, one at a time?

    Trying to show everything on your editor screen is unlikely to be helpful. By “not being able to see a page in the editor” – could you be more specific exactly what you mean? To you see the page editor window, but no content in it. Do you see something less?

    Any chance you’ve specified white characters on a white background?


    I disabled plugins one by one (only had a handful activated) and when I deactivated Weaver Xtreme Theme Support the anomaly resolved itself. Apparently, I am good to go. Will try in a moment.

    What was happening was that Pages > Edit looked exactly as pasted above from where it says “Skip to main content.” Further down, what looked like the editor window appeared but could not see data that is clearly visible when viewing live online per the link in the OP.

    What about the plugin, should I do without it or try it again?


    Not using Xtreme theme support is not really an option, it contains all the shortcodes for xtreme.

    But no one else has the issue with it so you probably need to investigate further.



    Almost everyone using Weaver Xtreme has the plugin activated, if for no other reason than it provides all the Per Page and Per Post options on the Page/Post editor pages.

    Could you please list which other plugins you were using? What seems
    possible is that some other plugin is creating a conflict with the Per
    Page options provided by the Weaver Xtreme Support plugin.

    Does the Post editor also fail (when the plugin is activated)?


    The only ones running were:

    • Captcha
    • Categories to Tags Converter
    • Contact 7

    I have activated that Weavr Xtreme Theme Support again as requested. Now it is running normally with the plugin activated. Clearly, as you said, something else was interfering with it. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you investigate it.


    I don’t think any of those plugins would affect the editor.

    This could just be some kind of transient issue – perhaps associated with some caching somewhere along the line.

    But since it started working again, I don’t think there is much left to try to figure out. If it happens again, let us know and we will try some other paths.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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