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    Can I do drop downs like on these pages with Weaver? I am currently using a plugin on this site, but I am rebuilding the site and wanted to continue to use dropdowns but was hoping to eliminate some of my plugins used.

    http://rhondasvirtualoffice.com/ – this page the dropdowns are the bullet points

    http://rhondasvirtualoffice.com/services – this page is obvious where the drop downs are

    Thanks for your feedback!



    There is nothing in Weaver Xtreme exaclty like that. There is a hide/show shortcode, but it doesn’t have the effects your examples do.

    There is nothing inherently wrong with using plugins.

    There will be dropdowns available for Gutenberg, so you might want to investigate that option since Gutenberg will be here to stay soon.



    This is available in the Xtreme Plus Plugin.

    If you have that, check in Appearance > +Xtreme Plus > Show hide text shortcode



    The problem is the plugin I’m using hasn’t been update for 5 years and I’m having a hard time finding one that is frequently updated. If anyone knows of a reliable plugin that does this nicely and is updated enough to prevent security issues I’d greatly appreciate the suggestions.

    The show/hide function in the theme will probably work for me, but can I change the icon to something else and if so how?

    Thanks everyone and happy holidays!



    Yes, you can specify your own HTML on show and on hide. Below is the help for it

    When entered into the Page/Post editor as shown above, the explanatory text and show/hide button will be on a separate line, and the content in a new paragraph following. If you place the <span style="color: #000000;">[showhide]CONTENT[/showhide]</span> on the same line in the page/post editor, the explanatory text and content will be displayed on the same line.

    Shortcode usage: <span style="color: #000000;">[showhide start='hide' show='html-on-show' hide='html-on-hide']text[/showhide]</span>

    1. start=’hide|show’ – By default, the content will start hidden. Set this to ‘show’ to have the content start displayed.
    2. show=’img|text’; hide=’img|text’ – By default, a graphic + and – will be displayed to toggle between hidden and displayed. You can provide an alternative pair of images (just the image URL) or text strings. You can’t mix images and text – both must be the same type. You can’t use ‘[‘ or ‘]’ in the text.

    The show and hide text/images are wrapped by a <span> with a class ‘.weaverx_showhide_show’ and ‘.weaverx_showhide_hide’, respectively.

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