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    I am not a website developer by profession, but I want to build a website (hematologybd.org/journal) for a medical journal using Weaver Xtreme plus theme. The articles to be published in the website are written or participated by more than one author and they are rationally not registered at the website, i.e. they are guest authors. I need to display all the writers names at the author line including link to the page showing their other articles. I found a plugin at WordPress plugin directory, named co-author plus, to solve this option. It has been installed and activated but it is not working to display the names.

    What is the solution to display multiple authors’ names in a post using Weaver Xtreme plus theme? How can ‘co-author plus’ work properly with this theme? Or is there any other updated plugin to solve the problem?

    Can you help me?


    This is the first mention of such a need, and really should not be a theme option.

    I’m not sure what that plugin is supposed to do, or how it works or doesn’t.

    Perhaps you could try the plugin with another theme such as one of the default WordPress Twenty-something themes. If it works with those, then there seems to be some incompatibility. If not, then perhaps the plugins is out of date, or you have not set it up properly.

    Multiple authors does not seem like an easy thing to fix, however. Not even sure how a programmer would approach the solution.


    Thank you very much for the answer, Mr. Weaver.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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