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    I’m not sure if anyone’s asked this yet so here goes. I’m looking to divide my site into different “categories” and I’m wondering if it’s possible to have different designs for each.

    For example, say I have this site (domain.com) which uses a green color as the main theme and I want to use a red design for all pages under another section (domain.com/fiction). Can it be done?



    I’ve been wrong before… but from my understanding, what you seek is not possible with a single WP installation and Theme.

    That said, I believe it is quite possible with a subdomain installation (/fiction.domain.com/) and one full WP install per subdomain.**

    To achieve the same on subdirectories (/domain.com/fiction/) may be possible too, but you’d need to check with WP on this, and there is plenty documentation available.

    The choices you make in subdomain vs subdirectory will impact SEO etc., so you’ll need to educate yourself on it all before making that choice.

    **Weaver Xtreme is a good choice to use in this situation as the Settings file (weaverx-theme-settings.wxt) can be copied to the other installations, just requiring the colors to be changed in each installation.

    Hope this help.



    The problem is I want to be able to activate a membership system that is consistent across the board so it would be easier for the categories to be within the root domain.

    I’m thinking of purchasing Weaver Xtreme Plus. I noticed the documentation for it includes this feature – Per Page Style: Add Custom CSS that will apply only to this page.

    Would it be possible to use that and duplicate the stylesheet for each page within the category? I need to know if it is achievable before I go ahead with the purchase.

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    We can do anything using custom CSS, but you need to clarify what will determine the different “categories”

    Once you clarify how these pages will be created, and what will determine them belonging to this different section, we can clarify if we have classes that will be usable to  change the styling using CSS

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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