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    Is there a way with Xtreme to create different primary menus for groups of certain pages?

    For example I have a main home/landing page that lists products. That home/landing page has a primary menu. Each individual product may have 3-5 pages. Is there a way to create a primary menu for those 3-5 pages that is styled and formatted like the primary menu on the home page and allows customers to easily navigate between those 3-5 pages?

    I know there is a secondary menu but I have more than one product. I also know that I could use a submenu but I’d rather have custom primary menus for each group of product pages.

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    The way to do that is by using Extra Menus, but it requires the Xtreme Plus Plugin.

    If you have the Plus Plugin, then you can add extra menus anywhere in the page (using any content or HTML area). The Xtra menu shortcode allows you to choose which custom menu to reference, what type of menu structure, and what style to apply (primary, secondary, extra…)



    Got it… thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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