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    I know this can be done. I just can’t seem to get the settings correct.

    I have two different pages with posts. One is the main blog where all posts appear as excerpts. that works fine.

    My problem is setting up a second (or subsequently a 3rd or 4th) where only certain categories of posts will be displayed. On this second page with posts I need the first post to show the FULL post, and the rest after it to be excerpts. When I try to make this happen (and I’ve tried several setting combinations in the posts and on the page with posts), it keeps affecting the main page with  posts… the main blog where it needs to be just the excerpts and not the full post.

    Again, I know it is there. just can’t get the combination of settings needed. I am NOT using weaverX plus. just the generic version.






    Each page with posts has its own settings found in the Options for this Page – Page with Posts at the bottom of the editor view of a page. The PwP options don’t show until the page format has been set and saved.

    Near the bottom is the option “Don’t excerpt 1st n Posts” which will allow full post to be shown for 1 or more posts when the Display Posts as Excerpts is set for the rest.


    Otherwise, the global settings will apply for PwP posts.


    Also make sure the WordPress blog page is not active

    Settings > Reading > Front page set as static page

    Nothing selected in the Post page (showing select)


    Thanks for the reply.

    The  Settings > Reading > Front page set as static page

    It <u>was no</u>t set to static.

    It now is set to ‘static front’ page. The page is ‘Welcome’

    ‘Welcome’ page with posts settings:

    Dropdown for Display posts as: Set to [Excerpt].  No other settings used.

    ‘Daily Prayer’ page with post settings:

    Category =  daily-prayer

    Dropdown for Display posts as:  [Excerpt].

    Don’t excerpt 1<sup>st</sup> “n”:  set as [1]

    It still showing the full post on both pages, even though I have the settings as above.


    I just don’t get what I am doing wrong. It’s got to be me.




    Settings > Reading > did you make sure that Nothing selected in the Posts page drop down list (showing -select-)



    It is.

    Here are the rest of the settings.

    WELCOME (set as front page) – Page w/post settings

    Welcome page - page with post settings

    DAILY PRAYER – Page w/ Post Settings

    Daily Prayer page with post settings

    Latest single post setting


    It is some how related to [video] post format.  If I change the post format to [standard], the settings work. When it is on [Video] it does not.

    Some of these Daily Prayer posts will have a video version of the guided prayer. Others will not. I suspect there is not really a way to deal with this now.

    There are basically 4 types of blog post happening on this site:

    1. Daily reflections that are written/text based. They may have video content in the body of the text, but they are a standard written text.
    2. Videos (for regular mid-week chapel services and other special worship services). These posts do have some text content, but they are primarily video. In the main blog (Welcome front-page), I want those to show up as video posts so the site visitor does not have to click through to the single post page to view the video.
    3. The occasional post of a cartoon that carries no other text, so it is essentially an image post.
    4. Daily Prayer posts. The posts have a written guided daily prayer. Some will ALSO have a video version of the posts. When the have a video version, I want them to appear on the Welcome Front Page & the Daily Prayer page  as a video post so the site visitor does not need to click through to the single post page to watch the video.

    If the format of the post is set to [video], it displays as a full post instead of [standard], since the full written text is also provided when there is a video version, that whole text of the daily prayer is displayed (on both the welcome page and the daily prayer page), which is below the video in in the post— regardless of the page w/ post settings.

    I’m thinking that the solution might be to have the posts that have a video have a continue reading link after the video… like hide the balance of the written part of the post. Can that be done in weaver?

    I actually just need to redo this whole site. It was put up really quickly in the spring when all my in person work at the agency where I work got shut down. The daily reflections, weekly chapel services, and phone calls were pretty much it. Still are, now with the edition of these brief daily prayers. With  this addition I have to reformat that front page somehow. Daily prayers will be, well every day, but the reflections will not. They get buried. So do the weekly chapel services. The addition of the daily prayer just needs the front page to look different some how.

    Anyway, can I use a read more thing that will work on the Welcome (Front Page) since the Video Post Format always shows the full post there? I’d prefer that on the single post page it not show a read more link, but I can live with it if it must.




    @weaver can comment about the page with post option not working with a video post format.

    But I am not familiar with the use of post format is. You can put a video in a standard post and you can use tags and category to make them sortable.

    “I’m thinking that the solution might be to have the posts that have a video have a continue reading link after the video… like hide the balance of the written part of the post. Can that be done in weaver?”

    You can insert a more tag in the post content where you wish to cut the excerpt. You can also use manual excerpt to get a completely different content and format in the excerpt.

    If you don’t see the manual excerpt box in a post editing page, activate the option in the screen options at the top

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