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    I’m excited to announce the release of a brand new plugin for Gutenberg.

    The plugin provides a couple (for the moment…) of blocks that let you design some modern and elegant page patterns:

    1. A text image and accompanying descriptive blocks over a background – including a color, cover image, or parallax image. All with just a few clicks!
    2. A text column pattern with up to 4 columns with an image over descriptive text. This pattern is commonly used for testimonials, product descriptions, or staff lists, but our implementation is very general and full of options (surprised?)

    The WP plug page is here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/blocks-by-weaver/

    The demos are found here: https://weavertheme.com/designer-block-demos/

    Here are some screenshots:

    All-in-One screenshot

    Above design created with the All-in-One Image/Text Block

    Image Columns

    Above design created with the Image Columns block



    I’m super excited about this new plugin. I’ve been trying all day to get 3 columns with images and text with individual links while using the Gutenberg plugin (WP Gallery Custom Links doesn’t work with Gutenberg). And you’ve just released a plugin which looks like the answer to my quest.

    I can see where you’ve intended links to be added but I can’t get them to work. Is this feature available in the free version of the plugin or only in the pro version?




    It works but it is a bit finicky 🙂

    You have to select the whole text, then click the link button in the toolbar, then type the URL and apply.

    If you just click on the title or description and click on the link, then it kinds of insert the link inside the text and it does not work.

    If that if not working for you,. be specific about what part is not


    The link button on the bottom will be a Pro feature.

    Adding a normal link to any portion of the text is done in the standard Gutenberg way, and works for me with no real issues. Maybe takes a bit getting used to the way the editor works.



    Thank you. As you suggested, I finally got it to work by highlighting the whole text and then adding the link.


    The title and description texts are really normal text – such as you find in a paragraph. Thus, they are subject to the same editing controls that the block plugin supports. The standard editing elements are Bold, Italic, Strikeout, and Link. And at this moment in Gutenberg development, those are the only elements to be supported.

    But within a Gutenberg text element, the editing of those attributes is as always has been in TinyMCE – select the text, and click the button.

    It is possible for a plugin to specify a reduced set – not allowing links, for example, which are inappropriate in some places (for example, the text on a link button – that must be supplied separately).

    I’ve tried to sway the Gutenberg developers to add some, but they seem against it. One especially nice element would be special characters, but their response was people should just use the browser/operating system functionality for that. How many of you know how to user your OS to add special characters? Didn’t think so.

    Personally, I’d like to see underscore, color, font-size, font family (but that is really really hard to do in a way that supports all themes), and special characters.

    Note that right now there is no way I can see to allow a plugin to add those capabilities. The interface between Gutenberg and TinyMCE is very closed.

    And, yes, all the text editing in Gutenberg is done via TinyMCE.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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