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    Soooo, way back when I started with Xtreme, I chose a nice colour scheme, changed it to look like what I wanted, have spent a lot of time over the years getting it look the way I like for the layout I’ve chosen. My lovely hosting company has torched my site through incompetence, and restores are not working very reliably, so I might be nuking the whole account and rebuilding a bunch of stuff from scratch. While I can easily re-import all my Weaver Xtreme Plus settings, I’m wondering if I might consider a different design within Weaver. I know, I know, living on the edge.

    My new design would have more white space, maybe a little more spacious, and be comprised mainly of five parts on the home page:

    a. Logo at top, tagline and description beside it;

    b. Slider below it to show links to other parts of the site (up to ten areas, although could survive with less if I had to);

    c. Menu below that;

    d. Layout below that should be three blocks which are set by me of most popular pages or posts; and

    e. Standard blog entries below that with longer than normal excerpts or full text, five per page.

    Single posts should have just logo, static header replacing slider, menu changeable based on categories (or by individual post settings if I have to do it manually for each one), and then the post (I have some styling I want on the post layout).

    I think I can easily do the single post layout easily with Weaver settings, and not much else.

    For the home page, I’m not sure about the slider part and the 3 blocks side by side. Should I be trying to do that within Weaver or just using Gutenberg blocks? Or even a plugin?

    I feel like I’m a complete newbie since I’m opening up my design from something I’ve had almost 10 years with variations and tweaks throughout.

    All guidance welcome…


    aka PolyWogg.ca


    a- That can be done using the theme Custom site logo and the regular Site title tagline settings

    b- Pick a Slider plugin (weaver has one called Ahow slider), then you can use the Header Image replacement box to put the shortcode slider so it takes the place of the header image.

    c- Standard primary menu

    d- You can definitely use the block editor for these, and you can use the weaver show post shortcode (weaver show posts plugin) to display any selection of posts in them

    e- That could be done by selection the “Page with posts” template for the page, or adding another Weaver Show posts shortcode based on a filter that selects what posts to show and how.

    If you use the page with posts template, make sure you have not activated the WordPress bog page by going to Settings > reading, have the from page set to a normal page, and nothing selected in the posts page drop down list (showing -select-)




    Thanks Scrambler…it’s taken me awhile to come back to this as I ended up mixing and matching sites.

    For one of the sites, it is primarily page-based and that works fine, easy to style with the per page options when I need to change something. But there are five categories of content where it will be posts, not pages. So for example, a post with a book review.

    I assume I can use page-with-post to create a page for book reviews, narrow it by category, and show all the latest book reviews on that page. Seems simple enough. And since it is a page, I can replace the header with a different image and the menu with a different menu related to reviews.

    Where I’m struggling is when I click on the actual post, and switch to single post view. The “post” that has the book review in it as an option to change the header HTML (and which I just put in an image source to change the header image), but there’s no similar “change menu” option the way there is on a page layout.

    I feel like I’m missing something simple to use those custom “extra” menus and to apply to that post or that category of posts, just not seeing how to do it. Maybe a short code somewhere?



    There is no option to replace the menu on single post pages.

    If you clarify the global and detailed logic you are after, we can explore workarounds using EXtra menu and HTML insertion areas as well as CSS to hide the main menu if needed


    Well, shoot. 🙂 There goes that simple plan hehehe

    So here was my goal…and I have a “simple” work-around unless you see a better solution.

    Main page: https://polywogg.ca –> Broad general branding for the site with main header and main menu

    AREA 1: AN HR GUIDE… it’s all pages, and when you go to it, I change menu and header, making it look almost like a totally different “site” than the main page. Like a poor-man’s subdomain of sorts.

    AREA 2: REVIEWS…I have a bunch of posts that are reviews of books, movies, music and television. My intent was to have for each type of review:

    • Page with posts –> Change menu and header to a “reviews” menu and “reviews” header
    • Index page –> Same, change menu and header
    • Individual review posts –> **Was hoping to change the header AND menus**

    Since I now know you can’t change the menu on a post, I might have a simple work-around if I redefine the problem.

    If instead of seeing it as “I can’t change the menu”, what I really have is that the “primary” menu is going to show there if I want any menu at all. If so, it would seem to me, that I can:

    • Turn the primary menu off altogether and add an inline menu with some sort of short-code or buttons within each post;
    • Convert them all to pages but I would lose the date function I like; or,
    • Use the PRIMARY menu on those POSTS since they are the only POSTS in the whole site AND replace the primary menu elsewhere with a custom menu (i.e. I made the default home page the primary menu, but I didn’t need to, I could have changed that to any custom menu since it is just pages). It’s a bit of a cheat, and wouldn’t work if I had any other type of POSTS anywhere, but since I don’t, I *could* go with it and hope I never expand again. 🙂

    If you have another suggestion to accomplish the same goal, happy to hear it. 🙂 If it helps, all those 5 sets of posts are all with 5 sets of unique categories that don’t appear anywhere else if there’s a way to change the menu by category instead.



    If the only posts you have are the ones with a different menu, then your third suggestion to use the main primary menu for these, and change it on all other pages is the easiest and simplest.

    Do keep in mind that this primary menu would also be on WordPress default archive pages that do not have a page editing page.

    If you did not want that menu on archive pages, you could either redo these using a page with posts, or you could use the “Archive like page Top Widget area” to insert an extra menu, and we could hide the default Primary menu on these with CSS.



    Thanks Scrambler. I might go with my option 3 then.

    However, you made me think of a question with your last paragraph. Could I simply tell single post pages to show the secondary menu and use options or CSS to hide the primary menu? The menu would be in a totally different spot, BUT if I could control it that way, could give me another option if later I want to use posts somewhere else. Can you use secondary only that way? Not define what menu is Secondary per page but whether secondary shows or not?


    Actually if you are not using the secondary menu on pages, you can absolutely do that, use the secondary for the single post pages, by hiding it on all pages but the single pages, and hiding the primary on the single posts pages.

    They can be in the same place by using the option “Move secondary menu to the bottom” or “move primary menu to the top”

    CSS would look like

    .single #nav-primary {display:none;}

    #nav-secondary {display:none;}

    .single #nav-primary {display:block;}



    THanks Scrambler…I went with option 3 for now which is just to use the primary for there. The other was starting to get confusing to control. 🙂

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