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    It’s been quite some time and I’m now onto building only my second website for a friend. 
    This one with Weaver Xtreme – soon to be Plus.
    I’m still very far from  being clever at this.
    1) I want to delete the “Home” breadcrumb, but keep the same spacing between the menu and the content area on the Home Page.
    If I click “Hide Info Bar on this Page”  (Home page) it obviously deletes the Info bar. I just want to delete the breadcrumb name, keep the same spacing.
    It just looks funny to me.
    Btw, I am not using Yoast SEO or any other breadcrumb-related plugins
    I also have a question about theme width/content area width – will ask separately.

    If you want some blank space between the menu and the content, simply add some Top Margin to the Container area (Theme Options : Main Options : Wrapping Areas : Container Area).

    Start with a big value (like 200) just so you can see exactly what the option does. Then refine to the real top margin you want.


    Thank you. I also had to uncheck the “Extend BG Attributes” box; it was causing a shadow effect under the menu bar, but outside the content area.


    If you don’t need the option, no problem, if you do and it causes a problem post a link showing the issue and we can check it out

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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