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    I have used Weaver Pro for a few years and have recently upgraded to WeaverXtreme.  So I am a big fan and I like what I see with Extreme.  I have figured out quite a bit but this problem is still getting the better of me….

    I want to get rid of the blank space above the menu and below the header.

    I have seen:
    ->  I applied the <img style=”margin:0;” …../>  and did not see a  change.
    “Header HTML Content Area – (Style in Main options > header > Header HTML BG CSS+ box) “
    ->  I played around with the settings and did not see a  change.
    “(Plus only) HTML Insertion: Post Header – Page Custom Field: postheader
    (Style in Advanced options > HTML Insertion > Post Header BG CSS+ box)”
    ->  tried these settings too.

    While I have your attention, could you tell me how to put
    Dividers between menu items on the Header Mini-Menu – even when I put the dividers on the Primary Menu bar, they don’t show up here.

    Can you help me?


    First you seem to be using a plugin to create your three columns, and I would like to mention that you have Xtreme and Plus, so you have a fully responsive header widget area  in Xtreme and “Plus” that lets you do that without any plugin, and lets you decide what layout you want for your widgets on each device.

    You can read about it here:


    Now if for some reason you still prefer to use a plugin,

    You seem to be using a plugin to make your three columns, that plugin adds a 2em bottom margin to the div containers with the rule

    .symple-one-half, .symple-one-third, .symple-two-third, .symple-three-fourth, .symple-one-fourth, .symple-one-fifth, .symple-two-fifth, .symple-three-fifth, .symple-four-fifth, .symple-one-sixth, .symple-five-sixth {margin-bottom:2em;}

    I would expect the plugin to have settings to change that. If not, you could add that rule with a different value in Main Options > Fonts & Custom > Custom CSS Rule Box


    Thanks for your quick response. 

    I would much prefer to use weaver here.

    That seems to work nicely, but I tried it your way and have the same problem. 

    Is it possible that there is a problem with the “Post Header – Page Custom Field: postheader“?


    You did not use the Header widget area as I mentioned in the item one of the tutorial I referenced. Instead you used a single widget in the header widget area and inside placed a set of custom divs that also have a bottom margin of 2% with the rule

    [class*=’mywidget’] {margin-bottom:2%;}

    So I will make the same remark, you can remove that margin with the above rule, but my suggestion was to add 3 widgets in the header widget area, and use Main options > Header > Header Widget Area > Custom widget width options to set the width of each of the 3 widgets on each device size.

    For example putting the values below in the desktop box


    And if you wanted these 3 side by side widgets to stay side by side on tablets, but become 2 over one on phone, put the same numbers in the small tablet box, but the ones below in the Phone box



    OK, thanks again for being so quick about things.  You were right, I just needed to look more closely.  You have so much good information in your documentation that it is hard to parse it all, but I am learning.  🙂


    You are still using a custom set of divs in the HTML insertion area instead of the theme built in  Header widget area with 3 widgets and the theme custom widget width option.

    Nothing wrong with that if it is by choice, just wanted to make sure you understood what the theme can do for you 🙂

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