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    lately I have started to exceed the database query limit. When that happens my wordpress admin page reverts to an install page until it resets in about an hour. I have disabled all the plugins but it still continues. I used wp2019 wordpress theme and it was ok but when I went back to weaver xtreme it did the same thing. I am using version  WordPress version is 5.2.4

    Has any one else seen this.
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    You may want to be more specific.

    Also read the article below that speaks about max input variables and memory




    Thanks for contacting me. Specifically my database query limit seems to run out and at that point gives a wordpress installation page where my website front page was. This seems to be the default after the query limit is reached. After an hour or so, it is automatically reset with the host. At one point I disabled all the plugins but it still continued. I selected the 2019 theme and then I seemed not to run out of query limits. I am also using query monitor to try and isolate.

    ### Weaver System Info ###

    — WordPress Configuration —

    Multisite: No
    Version: 5.2.4
    Language: en_US
    WP_DEBUG: Disabled
    WP Memory Limit: 40M
    Permalink: /%postname%/
    Show On Front: posts
    Page On Front: n/a
    Page For Posts: n/a
    Current Theme: Weaver Xtreme (
    Post Types: post, page, attachment, revision, nav_menu_item, custom_css, customize_changeset, oembed_cache, user_request, wp_block, nf_sub

    — Weaver Xtreme Configuration —

    Weaver Xtreme Version:
    Theme Support Version: 4.0.3

    — Server Configuration —

    Operating System: Linux
    PHP Version: 7.2.15
    MySQL Version: 5.6.41
    jQuery Version: 1.12.4-wp
    Server Software: Apache/2

    — PHP Configuration —

    Local Memory Limit: 256M
    Server Memory Limit: 256M
    Post Max Size: 20M
    Upload Max Filesize: 20M
    Time Limit: 120
    Max Input Vars: 1000
    Display Errors: N/A

    — WordPress Active Plugins —

    Akismet Anti-Spam: 4.1.2
    Ninja Forms: 3.4.20
    Query Monitor: 3.4.0
    Really Simple SSL: 3.2.6
    Weaver Themes Shortcode Compatibility: 1.0.4
    Weaver Xtreme Theme Support: 4.0.5

    — WordPress Inactive Plugins —

    Add Categories to Pages.: 1.1
    AddToAny Share Buttons: 1.7.37
    Advanced iFrame: 2019.7
    Advanced iFrame custom folder: 1.0
    Advanced iFrame custom folder: 1.0
    All-in-One Event Calendar by Time.ly: 2.5.44
    All in one Favicon: 4.7
    Classic Editor: 1.5
    Column Shortcodes: 1.0
    Compact Audio Player: 1.9.6
    Drop Shadow Boxes: 1.7.3
    Duplicate Page: 3.9
    Elementor: 2.7.4
    Increase Maximum Upload File Size: 1.35
    Insert Pages: 3.4.6
    Link Manager: 0.1-beta
    MaxButtons: 7.11
    NewsPlugin: 1.0.17
    Page Views Count: 2.2.0
    PDF Embedder: 4.4
    Post Expirator:
    Posts to Page: 1.7
    Print, PDF & Email by PrintFriendly: 3.14.7
    Quick Featured Images: 13.3.4
    Recent Posts Plus: 1.0.11
    Relevanssi: 4.3.2
    Seriously Simple Podcasting: 1.20.9
    Simple Post Expiration: 1.0.1
    Slideshow: 2.3.1
    Social Media Widget: 4.0.6
    Spider Video Player: 1.5.22
    TinyMCE Advanced: 5.2.1
    Ultimate Posts Widget: 2.0.7
    User Role Editor: 4.52
    W3 Total Cache: 0.10.1
    Weaver II Theme Extras: 2.3.1
    Weaver II to Weaver Xtreme: 1.1
    Weaver Show Posts: 1.3.16
    Weaver Show Sliders: 1.4.10
    WordPress Importer: 0.6.4
    WP 404 Auto Redirect to Similar Post: 1.0.2
    WP Edit: 4.0.4
    WP Rollback: 1.6
    Yoast SEO: 12.2

    ### End System Info ###


    I don’t know how you change WP query limits (I am not sure what that is actually), may be @weaver will.

    Are you getting a specific error message?

    You may also want to ask on the WP forum or maybe your host provider


    This is a new one for me. It is possible that this is a host related limitation. Weaver is actually quite light on the number of queries it generates, but it would likely be a bit more than a default WP theme.

    Why do you have the Query Monitor plugin installed? Were you hoping to find more information on the error message? That sort of plugin is also likely to cause more database queries.

    But we’ve NEVER had this sort of error reported before, so my only thought is it has something to do with your host’s configuration. You should contact them.


    Thanks for your reply. I was using query monitor to find what plugin might be causing the database query limit to go nuts. My host suggested Query Monitor. The only error that I was getting was that my main page would go to a wordpress install page. I am happy to know about the number of queries that Xtreme causes.

    I may have resolved the problem by reinstalling WP 5.2.4 so far I have not seen the same problem and it has been 24 hours. Gradually I have loaded a few of my plugins back.

    BTW by and far Weaver is the best theme I have found and I use it on several of the sites I manage.


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