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    I am looking for suggestions on which custom sidebar plugin to use.

    What I want to do:

    • Custom side bar showing categories for readers to click on.
    • I am using page with posts page.
    • For that page, I want to  display only posts that have catergories A, D, F.
    • I use I use WX Options for This Page and filter the posts I want to see.
    • Now, I want to create a side bar displaying the categories available on this page; categories A, D, F.
    • Just like a typical blog category sidebar, but specific to what is on this page.

    I need to use this type of sidebar categories for three different page with posts.

    From what I have reviewed WPMU DEV’s Custom Sidebars is the plugin to use. However, I have not been able to get the plugin to work with WX. WPMU says that the plugin works great for WordPress 2017 theme and they cannot create the issue. I can create the custom sidebar and input the limited categories. The custom sidebar will not display.

    • If you have experience with Custom Sidebars plugin, what guidance do you have for me to get the plugin to work.
    • Is there another plugin suggestion for me to use?
    • Any other advice for me?

    Thank you much!






    I’m not certain what a custom sidebar is, nor how such a thing might work with Weaver Xtreme. Weaver allows a lot of flexibility in the sidebars it will show.

    Do you mean a widget?

    What are you trying to show in the sidebar? Is it simply a list of post titles that correspond to your equivalent pages with those categories?

    Weaver’s own Weaver Show Posts shortcode can do that. You can easily create a list of posts with the same filters supported by Weaver’s Page with Posts, but with just the titles of the posts you’ve selected in the filters.



    @weaver, he wants to show a list of categories in the sidebar, but not all categories, only the one matching the posts in that page.

    I am not sure show posts can display a list of categories,.



    OK –

    Since the categories shown on each page are specific to that Page with Posts (I think I have understood that), then the list of categories on that page will also be constant. So why not simply use a manually generated text box with links to those category pages included in a list? You could figure out the link for a given Category page by looking at the link used in  Category Widget for that page.

    Then use a Widget Area Replacement found on the Per Page Options -> Content tab: Select extra widget areas to replace the default widget areas for this page. To add areas to the widget area lists below, you must first define extra widget areas on the bottom of the Main Options → Sidebars & Layout tab.

    Define a replacement widget area for each of the Page with Posts page, and use the Per Page option to display that widget area.

    I don’t know of a way to automatically generate such a list. There might be a plugin that will create a “selected categories” list – sort of like the standard categories widget, but for a selected set of categories.



    Thank you, both, for the feedback. Let me see if I can clarify what I am wanting to do.

    I have two pages on my site that use posts.

    1. Feedback page with posts shows feedback submitted. The category is feedback. I have thought about adding tags or specific feedback categories such as web design, program planning, and technology services. Thus, I would have on the sidebar the categories of web design, program planning, and technology services that readers can use to filter what they see.
    2. Info & News page with posts shows postings that I provide. In those postings, I have major categories that I use; i.e., technology, security, announcements, general news, etc. Thus, I would have on the sidebar the categories of web design, program planning, and technology services that readers can use to filter what they see.

    I found the Custom Sidebars plugin that I understand would accomplish letting me place a widget (sidebar) designed for the specific page. I do like the category links Weaver Keymaster mentioned. I will further investigate WX show posts feature.

    Thank you for the input….fred

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