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    In searching the site I found Post #30075 that refers to making new php files for pages and installing them in the child theme, but I don’t find anything related to posts.

    In addition to the traditional post, I want to create a post template that allows me to have an icon on it as well as a place to include a link.  I’m not sure which of the following is the better way to proceed:  1) creating a new child paget-post sheet, 2) using a plug-in such as Tool-Set; or can I do both with custom fields?

    If it can be done with custom fields and saved as a template so I don’t have to recreate it each time, can you suggest a good tutorial?

    My goal is to have a second post template with an icon and a place for source link so I don’t forget it. The idea behind my site is to run a topical clipping service to aggregate topics for the industry.

    site is http://www.plantclippings.com

    Thanks for the advice



    I am pretty sure you can do that with Custom Field, I did something similar a while back, adding a rating system to each posts.

    It would be a lot easier than messing with a child theme a redoing the post template.

    There are various plugins allowing you to create custom field and letting you add the custom field setting to the post editing page. The one I used at that time was Types




    Thanks. I have Types as well and have been experimenting with it, so will put my efforts there.  I didn’t really want to get in to child theme editing.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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