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    I may be imagining things.  I thought I saw information someplace which is at least similar to what I’m asking about, but I can’t find this information.  Thus it may in fact be my imagination.

    What I’m wanting to do is this:

    I want the posts on a site, which are in specific categories, to have a different look than all the other posts.  No sidebar for certain.  Also hiding the header image.

    And I’m wondering if there is a way to not use the normal menu bar, but have a different menu bar only for those categories.

    Is there an easy way to do any of these things?  I know that I can of course turn off the sidebar and header image for each post in the options.  I’m just looking to save myself a few clicks.

    I am using WX Plus on the site in question.

    Thank you – Skippy

    PS – Looking around in the options I found the ‘alternate theme’ section in ‘sidebars and layout.’  This might have been what I saw which lead me to think there was a way to do what I’m looking to do.


    Assuming you are speaking of the single post page, I cant think of any way to do that.

    Even with CSS, the post category class only appears on the post content container, so we can only style that area based on category. If the category class was also on the body tag, we could use CSS to d0 most of what you want, but as it stands, I don’t see a way.

    The other way would be Via a child theme using PHP but you would have to be fluent in PHP for that.


    The alternate theme option would not solve your issue because it is a per page/post option.

    How about Page with Posts? That can show posts from specific categories, and you can set sidebar options. (And page with posts is for showing posts which would then not need per page options.)

    It can’t change which menu is used, however. You might be able to do something with the Extra Menu there.

    You could also create a totally custom Header using the per page Header Replacement option on the per page Page Builders tab.

    I think you could come pretty close with what I believe you asked about.


    Thanks for the responses.  I figured what I wanted to do would either be really simple or really complex.  *ha*

    I’ll mess around with your suggestions and see what I come up with.  This is just a project for fun, not for profit – so I’m under no pressures here.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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