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    Hello – hope you’re all well!

    I have WordPress site here:


    I’m trying to create a grid-style homepage that shows the featured image of a post and the post title *below* the image.

    Here’s the current custom CSS for Weaver Show Posts :

    .atw-show-posts-filter-homepage .featured-image {width:100%;align:center;}
    .atw-show-posts-filter-homepage .entry-header .post-title {font-size:1em;}

    Currently, the image appears on the left and the title on the right. I need the title to go below the image, like so:

    [post featured image]
    [post title]

    Any ideas how to do this? 🙂


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    The layout of the Featured image and title is an option you set in the Post specifics option.


    Appearance > Xtreme Admin > Main Options > Post Specifics > Featured image > then select the section that is appropriate ? FI Location


    Customizing ▸ Images > Post Specific > Featured image – (full or excerpt) posts > Featured Image position

    You probably want banner above title, but you can experiment with all.

    When you have the closest layout in place, we can help fine tune with custom CSS



    Thanks, scrambler!

    I have now selected to show my latest posts on the homepage.

    I got the result I wanted.

    Now I’m having a different issue, but I’ll open  a different topic, so I won’t “dilute” this one. This way, others will be able to find the solution to this, easily.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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