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    Hello fellow Weavers! 🙂

    I’ve been using Weaver as a theme for about 3 years, but have encountered a chain of serious problem that has put me off WordPress altogether. I’ll be as specific as possible.

    Ever since the last update to Weaver II 2.2.2 the whole site has been unstable. And it’s not the first time that a WP site is unstable and unpredictable. It looks like it’s just a typical plugin incompatibility cause, but even with all plugins removed or deactivated the problems are still there. The problem is diagnosing and locating the cause(s). I’ve asked everyone from my host, even about the possibility of a hack, to searching the WP forum, without getting any help. Here are some examples of what’s going on right now (and they all seem connected, right?).

    – WIDGETS: Changes or new widgets won’t save. I can drag them over, but changes won’t be saved. The grey circle just goes around and around in a loop.

    – IMAGES: Images will import from my desktop to the site, but the images won’t appear either in the posts nor as a featured image.

    – DASHBOARD: In the dashboard, the “WP News” also just goes around in a loop, and doesn’t actually gather the latest WP news. It’s just blank.

    – POSTS: Every time I now save a post, I get a blank screen afterwards when the post have been saved (the changes themselves are actually saved, though very, very slowly).

    At one point I could not even log into my website, which was solved by deactivating all the plugins via the hosts control panel.

    So for days I’ve tried the usual things. I’ve removed all the plugins, but that still didn’t help. I’ve downgraded the theme back to an earlier Weaver II version but that didn’t help either now (currently running 2.2.2 again). I’ve reinstalled WordPress but that didn’t help either.

    I think one plugin is particularly incompatible with Weaver, and that’s “WP Popular Posts” by H. Cabrera. I thought that was the main culprit, because it seems to have caused problems before, but after first deactivating it and then later deleting it, and even resinstalling WP and Weaver afterwards, the problems still exists. I’ve been very careful with using plugins for years, and have otherwise only used very well known “renowned” plugins. I’ve never modified any of the theme files or anything like that either. 

    My hosts support service only give me some pointers, and I’ve looked into a lot of files and databases for clues, but I stille can’t figure it out. I’ve just wasted two weeks and lost visitors to my site. 

    The problems all seem connected though, so I can’t help but think that someone understands and recognize this and can tell me how to see and fix the problem.

    Any help would be appreciated. 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone!


    First, have you tried to switch to a different theme like 2014, and do all your symptoms persist? if so it would point to a WordPress / plugin issue.

    Then if you have:

    Downloaded ALL your Weaver settings from the save / restore page

    Then actually deleted all weaver themes and plugins.

    Then reinstalled WordPress

    Then completely reinstalled Weaver from scratch with the weaver theme extra plugin.

    Then restored your settings.

    And at that point (before re installing any third party plugin, your problem are still there, I don’t know what to say, may be @weaver will have more suggestion.

    But in any case, and in order not to disrupt the site, I would create a New WordPess installation in a Sub Folder. Then install the theme in there and first test as is to see if it behaves.

    If  it does, I would clone your current site inside that new installation following the method explained in the FAQ


    Then check if the installation in the clone site is working fine.

    You could eventually take that opportunity to upgrade the site to the newest Weaver extreme theme following the conversion procedure below.


    if you get the cloned site to work properly, there is an easy way to make your domain point to the cloned site in the sub folder.


    ALL of the symptoms you described are NOT theme related.

    Chrome has issues with WP 4.3 and the admin side.

    Try a non-chrome browser if you were using Chrome.

    Be sure you don’t have a cache plugin in use.

    Try a fresh install of WordPress.

    Try using the WordFence plugin and do a scan to see if the wp/theme/plugin files haven’t been altered.

    Who is your host? We have heard over time of several hosting companies that really can’t handle WordPress.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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