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    Been spending quite a bit of time with converting from Weaver Pro II to Xtreme. Most of the time is because of having to change out all the [weaver_show_posts] to [show_posts filter xxx].

    I want the converted site to look like the original site.

    Weaver Pro Site: http://hattiesgarden.com/
    Xtreme Site: http://xtreme.littledropup.com/

    What I cannot figure out easily is the following.

    Menu Bar
    I want the Arrows for the submenus to look like they do on the Weaver site. That is blue and a little more distance to the right.

    I would like to use the same HTML for the menu bar.  Weaver Pro had an option to select it for menu bar. I suppose I could add the shortcode to come after the social icons (that I still need to put in), but how can I add my own version of the search icon sitting next to the search bar? My current HTML code in Weaver is <div style=”display:inline-block;”><span dir=”rtl”>&nbsp;&nbsp;[weaver_social number=4]</span></div>

    Show Posts Title Font Size. It is screamingly too large. See the Weaver Pro site. How can I get it it match?

    I want the footer Widget color NOT the same as the sidebar widgets. Cannot seem to find where the footer widget area is set up.

    This is as far as I got so far.

    Thank you.


    To change the color of the arrow and add space, use the rule below in Main Options > Fonts & Custom > CUstom CSS Rule box

    .menu-primary .menu-arrows .toggle-submenu::after {color:blue;padding-left:1.3em;}

    I am confused about what you want to do with the menu HTM, but if what you want is change the search icon use

    .search-field {background-image: url(/wp-content/themes/weaverx/assets/css/icons/search-black.png);}

    Post title size can be changed in Main Options > Post Specifics > Post Title > Title font property drop down list

    To change the background color of the widgets in the Footer widget area, put the rule below in Main Options > Footer > Footer Widget Area > Footer Widget Area BG CSS+ box

    .widget {background-color:red;} 


    If I change the post title size in  Main Options > Post Specifics > Post Title > Title font property drop down list, it changes all instances. I want it changed only when it is used with Show Posts. Please see how it looks on the Weaver Pro site.

    I want to change the color of the title font for the footer widget and remove the bar under the title. In Weaver Pro there is an option under Widgets to change Footer Widgets. This is what I have in there under the background +CSS box: {color:white;border: none; padding: 0; }. Where do I put this in Xtreme? I have tried with no success in the footer widget area under footer.


    .atw-show-posts .post-title {font-size:80%;}

    If you also want to change widget titles in the footer widget area change the rule I gave you to put in Main Options > Footer > Footer Widget Area > Footer Widget Area BG CSS+ box to the one below

    .widget {background-color:red;} %selector% .widget-title {color:white;border:none;padding:0;}


    That works…

    BTW, do you ever sleep?

    I am in france right now 🙂


    oh… that explains the time you are posting. And you’re still helping us out even while on vacation?


    Not on vacation unfortunately, but with  some time on my hands for a few days 🙂


    Sorry about whatever may be of trouble for you, Scrambler. Hope you are okay too.

    Now here’s the next issue which I don’t understand why it is giving me grief. Take a look at Plant Varieties here > http://hattiesgarden.com/hatties-plants/ (Weaver Pro) and then compare to here > http://xtreme.littledropup.com/hatties-plants. Why are there no columns??? It is exact code. It was a pain to put in since it involves bullets with sub-bullets. I had the same problem on the main page and ended up jamming all the code together for each column (not nice spacing to read it easier). Is this how it is supposed to work? I am using <div class=”content-3-col”> and <div class=”content-3-col”> in many places on this site… ugh.

    And by the way, about 95% of my settings in Weaver Pro did NOT convert. This includes colors, fonts, margins, theme width, all the custom CSS and HTML from advanced, menus, and more.


    I just answered the same question here


    column classes are different, you are using content-3-col-left and content-3-col-right  instead of content-3-col


    <div class=”content-3-col”> well, I’ll be…

    same goes for 2 column, I suppose.





    Still having trouble with the show post entry title

    .atw-show-posts .post-title {font-size:90%;} makes the sidebar post title bigger, but the one used on the front page smaller, and everywhere else on the site too big. I would like this to be consistent.

    I also tried using .atw-show-posts .entry-title a {color: red; font-size:90%;} with mixed results and no change in color.

    I noticed when I disable automatic post display integration with the theme that the colors and font size is correct, but then all my other filter CSS settings go away.

    What can be done?

    I want the colors, hyperlink underlines, sizes, etc to match the theme, and I want the show posts to work like it did under Weaver Pro.


    You really need to give us all the details at once.

    Your Show posts in the sidebar already have a rule that overrides the one  I gave you previously which is

    .atw-show-posts-filter-widget h2.post-title {font-size:1.2em;}

    That rule is probably in the Custom CSS of the plugin if not in the custom CSS rule box, and it is using the selector of that specific show post.

    We can specialize the rule I gave you previously to do the same, by using the rule below instead

    .atw-show-posts-filter-front-page h2.post-title {font-size:1em;}

    As for the color, the post titles are link, so you need a different rule with the a tag

    .atw-show-posts-filter-widget h2.post-title a {color:red !important;}

    .atw-show-posts-filter-front-page h2.post-title a {color:blue !important;}



    I wish I could ask all my questions at the same time.  It’s just that when I see an issue from the conversion, that I try to deal with it as it comes up and not all issues are apparent at the same time. I don’t even know if you want me to continue in this thread or start new ones for new issues. I did that when I asked about the search bar (see http://forum.weavertheme.com/discussion/comment/57403#Comment_57403) and you asked me to put a link up. I know you deal with tons of other requests from users and can’t possibly keep track of them all… so tell me what is the best way to ask the questions for this same site that I have converted from Weaver Pro II?

    Regarding the Custom CSS for the Show Posts, I didn’t realize I could have unique ones for each of the saved filters. Good going! I will experiment with this customization.

    Back to the search question…. if you look at the original site (http://hattiesgarden.com/) you will see on the right side of the menu bar the social icons and the search bar.

    In the Xtreme version (http://xtreme.littledropup.com/) I tried many combinations of [buttons] with [search size=20], but the best that would result is two separate lines. Is this possible? Or better yet, is it possible to have the search icon button currently on the header look and behave same way it does next to the buttons on the menu bar?


    I have not been able to get [buttons] to work right on the menu bar, and I don’t understand why. I may have to add an option to the shortcode to get it to work.

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