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    I went back to the 4.4.8 Theme, because 5 keeps crashing my site.  Everything is great, except

    #container{width:80%;margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;} in the Xtreme Plus page option area isn’t working.  I need some space on the sides of the content of my cart and checkout page.

    I have to admit my brain is a little scrambled because of all the issues from this weekend with the update.

    Can you give me an idea if maybe I am doing something wrong?

    site:  BellaAnn.com



    How / where are you adding your woo custom rules? I can’t find them on either a product page or the checkout page.

    There are some rules prefixed with .woocommerce found in the generated css, but those won’t do anything.

    Maybe Woo changed classes, but when I look at your product/cart pages, the only classes Woo adds are:

    woocommerce-checkout woocommerce-page

    Maybe Woocommerce has changed from just .woocommerce, and that might be an update Weaver needs. I’ll check that out.


    You have set the container to full width using two conflicting options, one with the align area, and one in the Full Width page using extend BG to full width, and given you are trying to actually limit the width to 80% of the wrapper, you want none of them.

    So change the align area to center, and remove any setting for the container in the Full Width option page


    You product/checkout pages do not seem to be using Weaver’s Woocommerce wrapper code. Normally when using standard Woocommerce pages, they are wrapped by special Weaver code.

    I guess that doesn’t happen universally. I see on a Woo site I have that the product pages are wrapped, but the checkout page isn’t.

    That means that any custom rules you have for your Woo pages would need to use the claeses mentioned in the previous post.


    This is what it took….  Keep the container at align Full and the wrapper at center.

    This way my colored box on page one stayed full width, but then I could use the per page option on the cart and checkout  and other pages to get some side margin back.

    Thanks, I just needed to be pointed in the right direction.

    I appreciate both of you so much.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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