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    Backing up your WP Site(s) is important, but not necessarily easy.

    There is a Backup plugin / service called WP Time Capsule. https://wptimecapsule.com

    They’ve recently launched a new premium service – daily incremental, non-zipped backup with 30 day retention.

    The backup uses Dropbox, Amazon, or Google Drive.

    Google is a quite interesting option. It provides 16GB free storage per account. That will more than cover almost any WP site for a long time. You can create a different Google login per site, so that’s a lot of free storage.

    WP Time Capsule has an introductory offer that expires APRIL 2, 2017. Sorry about the short notice, I just figured out that a deal this is.

    Right now, you can get a LIFETIME service for 5 sites for $200 and 50 Sites for $400. That just covers the backup service – NOT the cloud storage, but you can backup a lot of sites with 15GB Google Drive each. Each site can use whatever cloud service or account you want.

    The backup is automatic and painless with no need to remember anything. (The initial, non-incremental backup can take a long time, days even, to complete, but the incremental backups are then fast.) You can set the backups to run at low load times.

    This is not an endorsement, and we don’t get any compensation for this. It just seems like a really easy way to do backups. The also have a free plan that does more infrequent backups with a lower retention time.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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