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    Hi, I am not a techie please help.  For many weeks, my Xtreme Plus plugin has advertised a new version.  However, compatibility with WordPress 5.6.2 is unknown.  Below is the WP detail, when will the plugin be safe to update?  Thank you.

    Weaver Xtreme Plus You have version 3.1.1 installed. Update to 4.0. View version 4.0 details.
    Compatibility with WordPress 5.6.2: Unknown



    @weaver can confirm, but I believe it is safe to use with the latest WP version


    Weaver Xtreme Plus 4.0 was last updated for WP 5.5, which has not been that long. As a rule we do not release new versions of Weaver Xtreme Plus merely to keep up with the WP compatibility tag. This avoids unnecessary updating of the fairly stable plugin. Version 4.0 has been tested up to the soon to be released WP 5.7.

    Weaver Xtreme Plus 3.1.1 is somewhat older. We have not heard any feedback of any incompatibility with WP 5.6, as long as one uses the latest version of Weaver Xtreme. There are in fact known incompatibilities in 3.1.1 with the latest WP versions (jQuery version issues), but because the use of jQuery was coded properly in Weaver Xtreme Plus, it was possible to provide a fix for the problem using standard WordPress features from the theme without needing to update that version of the plugin.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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