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    I have unchecked the boxes allow comments and allow trackbacks on my page: http://amsoil.syntheticmotoroil.xyz/?p=63 and the form doesn’t disappear it still shows. Plus it creates a fatal error in one of my plugins. I have deactivated the plugin and this issue still arises. Not the fatal error but the comments section doesn’t disappear.

    Thanks John.


    Make sure you have read


    Also test deactivating ALL non weaver plugins


    It was the ninja child pages plugin on a wordpress multisite install on one of the subdomains. Funny thing is I’m using it with Weaver Theme Pro and it has no issues with that theme. I changed child page plugins and it’s working now. Thanks a lot. One more thing. The new extreme theme seems to load faster. Has this been one of the improvements?


    There has been some optimization in loading scripts, but I would not expect things to be noticeably faster on any but the slowest machines. Could be an improvement on your hosts side. They will sometimes upgrade servers with not much to say about it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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