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    My question is two part so hopefully its OK to ask them both here.

    First I think the simple one (I think) and that is I saw where I can click on the page and choose “two column” and it seems to break the example page up into two columns but where in the editing window do I get visual feedback as to what will appear in column one and what will appear in column two.
    Here is the home page of my draft site http://eloine.com/janet/

    For my second question I would like her name “Janet Finsilver” to be a SVG graphic that floats over the stop graphic and in the center like it looks like now but since it’s a JPG the type looks jagged. I want it to appear smooth like an SVG graphic does. Is there a way to float that above the header image so it scales with the view of the page?

    Thanks, Eloine


    You can probably put your graphics over the header image using the header HTML and item 2 of the tutorial below.


    Just use CSS to give is a width in percentage so that when the browser shrinks it will shrink with it


    I got this to try and speed up the process for customizing a theme but I am going round and round tying to do the simplest thing. I am trying to layout a theme for someone else and I still can’t figure out the columns thing. I see things for weaver two where I supposed to put CSS in somewhere and then other areas where it says I am suppose to set it and I am now all confused 🙁

    For example I clicked 3 columns on the page option here http://eloine.com/janet/about/
    It makes three coloms but I just can’t figure out how to specify what goes in what column. It looks like the heading for the page is going in column 1 and then it breaks the sentences up into column 2 and 3. I want to hand this off to someone else and I am not going to be able to tell her how to add content if I can’t figure how to specify this. Any tips?

    If you use the 3 colum in the per page options, there is no control that I know of.

    If you wish to control what goes in which columns, you need to use divs with the weaver pre-styled classes as explained here.



    The multicolum per page option uses CSS to do that. The number of columns normally wraps just the content, and not the header.

    You cannot control where the breaks are – and they will be different on different browsers. The default CSS is:

    .cols-3 {
        -webkit-column-count:     3;
        -webkit-column-gap:     1.25em;
        -moz-column-count:         3;
        -moz-column-gap:         1.25em;
        column-count:             3;
        column-gap:             1.25em;

    There are other options for the “column” parameters – such as including a vertical separator line, so you could tweak that rule in the Custom CSS rule section if you wish, but the breaks are auto-generated by the browser.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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