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    Forgive me if this has been addressed elsewhere. I spent a reasonable time searching and didn’t find it. Fantastic theme, Weaver Xtreme!

    Between the (full width) header and footer of my site, I have a non-full-width content area of a default 1100 px. In desktop view, to the left and right of that are what I would call the site margins, which are empty. Am I able to set a background color or image to these marginal areas by means of custom CSS anywhere? If so, where do I put the custom CSS for this?

    Many thanks!



    Please always provide a link to your site so we can be sure of the exact configuration.

    If the site is limited to 1000px and the header and footer have been expanded or extended, that background would be the Overall background with settings in Main options > Wrapping Areas > Wrapping Areas > Outside BG box, and CSS+ for custom CSS. If you have Plus, down that page is a background image section with easier option for images.

    If the site was globally expanded and the content restricted with a max-width setting or CSS, that background could be different things, and we need the link to the site to be sure



    Thanks so much, Scrambler! You are awesome, as always! By doing as you suggested and then adding a different Wrapper Area BG color in the next section (to prevent my outside color from becoming the background of all my content), I was able to do what I hoped. Have an awesome day!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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