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    I’d like to insert an in line 36px x 36px clickable telephone handset icon next to stylized descriptive text, next to clickable telephone number in the HTML Insertion > Pre-Header area.  I’m having difficulty making it work correctly.  Could you suggest the correct code?  Thank you for your help.

    This is basic HTML question that would be better answered in and HTML reference site.
    What you are describing is just an image tag in a link tag. The basic structure would look like
    For just a link image:
    <a href=”LinkURL“><img src=”ImageUrl” /> </a>
    For just a link text:
    <a href=”LinkURL“> Text </a>
    So a clickable icon followed by text followed by clickable number would looklike
    <a href=”LinkURL“><img src=”ImageUrl” /> </a> Text after Image  <a href=”LinkURL“> Clickable Phone Number </a>
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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