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    I want to mage the Title text closer to the image of each post and its preview on the main page.  Also, I want to close the gap below the image, between it and the main body text.

    I had a similar problem on another site, but the fix I used on that page didn’t work for this one.

    So far what I have tried, and it did mostly work, is making the .entry-meta {height: 0px;}

    But there is still a significant amount of space.

    Also, will making the .entry-meta 0px come back to biter me later?



    The space above the image is the Content area option “Space between Title and content” which is 1em by default. You can find the setting below

    In legacy Admin this is in Main Options > Content Areas section

    In the customizer, it is in Customizing ▸ Spacing, Widths, Alignment > Content > Other Spacing

    The space below the Image is the default 2% bottom margin on the feature image. Without it, the text will be awfully close, but you could remove that by adding the Custom CSS Rule below to the theme Global Custom CSS Rule box

    img.featured-image {margin-bottom:0 !important;}


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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