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    There is clearly no way to specifically target the buy now button with a single class.

    The way to target the buy now with CSS would be “the third link in the element with a class that starts with amzps-border-adwrap”

    In CSS the selector would look like

    [class^=”amzps-border-adwrap”] a:nth-of-type(3)

    You can ask your plugin provider if they can do such more elaborate targeting or not.

    The only other solution would be to write a small script that would use jQuery to add you own class on the element targeted by the selector above, but the problem with that, is that the script would need to run after the add has been generated and before the plugin runs, which may not be possible using the theme insertion areas.

    The other issue with the whole idea, is that if at any time, the HTML of the amazon adds changes, it would break whatever solution is used (plugin or script). This means you would need to monitor the site daily to see if it still works, or else you could be thinking it is still working when it is no longer the case.

    Speak to your plugin developer, but all in all, I think your strategy is not a great one on this 🙂




    I wanted to thank you both for the effort put in trying to find a problem to something you did not create (the plugin).

    Unfortunately, the plugin developer is not replying to support tickets, but I´d love if he was able to read this whole thread.

    I´ve followed his lessons, and recommendations as to using the plugin, but evidently there is something that needs to be added or done a different way.

    I´ll just try to use different ads … maybe with less information.

    The whole idea of a shopping cart is great, as it extends Amazon´s cookie from 24hours to 90 days. So if I get the visitor to click an add and it converts into a shopping cart, even if they are not going to buy right away, I can get credit if they go directly to Amazon 5, 10, 30 days later and purchase from the shopping cart they created.

    Guys: thank you again for your time.

    Have a good one



    I think there is a reason Amazon is making it hard for you to highjack their Ad link 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 17 through 19 (of 19 total)

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